My Tools

My first SLR was a Pentax Spotmatic bought when I was a graduate student working on my doctoral thesis. I was amazed at the enhanced controls over shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field but did not experiment with lenses, sticking with the stock Takumar 55mm f1.8 lens. Over the years, I upgraded first to an Olympia OM-4 in the mid 80’s, then a Nikon N-80 in the late 90’s, resisting trying the rapidly improving digital SLR’s. With the turn of the century, it was clear that slides were becoming obsolete, so I traded my Nikon N-80 for its digital sister, the Nikon D-80.Along the way, I discovered the virtues of zoom lenses and acquired a Nikor 28 to 105 mm f 3.5 lens with a macro option, and  more recently a Nikor 18 to 200 mm f 3.5 lens.

I loved the dynamic range of 35 mm slides film and used that exclusively for my color images. I experimented a little with black and white film, including printing my own images, but was taken with the power of color. With the switch to digital, I tried Photoshop, then I Photo and recently Lightroom, but do a minimum of manipulation of my images. I enjoy the freedom to experiment and immediate feedback that the digital format offers, but prefer to capture the image at the time instead of refining it in the ‘darkroom’..